Community apple tree project at the LMB

ApplesThe LMB has recently joined an innovative apple tree project with the planting of 12 apple trees around the LMB building. The project, called the Cambridge Community Collection, aims to plant apple trees of every variety from within the UK in a range of locations south of Cambridge City centre.

The project is the idea of artist Neville Gabie, who was appointed by Cambridge City Council in December 2012 to develop a project around routes and connectivity for the South Cambridge area. The planting of the trees will provide a unique linear orchard that marks the routes between the new developments south of the city and the city centre.

The trees are planted in alphabetical zones, with the LMB trees being “Ls” and “Ms”. The trees are a mix of eating and cooking varieties, and include ‘Lord Burghley’, a variety first registered in 1834 that produces highly attractive eating apples, ‘Lord Derby’ a sharp cooking apple from 1862 and the more recently registered ‘Lord Lennox’, a very attractive bright red apple from 1949.

The trees have been planted near the cycle shed at the entrance to the building and in the wild area of gardens between the car park and the guided busway. They are a welcome addition to the already attractive planting at the LMB, which includes a copper beech and wild flower beds. They will be nurtured, maintained and enjoyed by the local community.

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