Geoffrey Grigg Traveling Fellowship established between LMB and the Garvan Institute

LMB and the Garvan Institute, Sydney, Australia have set up the Geoffrey Grigg Traveling Fellowship aimed at enabling short scientific exchange visits between the two institutions.

The Fellowship commemorates Geoffrey Grigg, who was an Australian scientist, highly influential in the fields of genetics, molecular biology and DNA research and a pioneer of Australia’s biotechnology industry. Geoffrey visited LMB to work with Fred Sanger in 1972-1974 and Greg Winter in 1988. He regularly traveled back in the 1990s as he played a key role in the founding and financing of Cambridge Antibody Technology and Domantis, two start-up biotechnology companies based on work originating in LMB.

Kip Dudgeon is the first recipient of the Geoffrey Grigg Traveling Fellowship. Kip is a Ph.D. student at the Garvan Institute and is working there with Daniel Christ (formerly LMB) on the development of antibody therapeutics. He will be visiting LMB for the period of 27 May to 29 June to work with Greg Winter and Peter Jones on aspects of protein engineering.

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