Hat trick for LMB and MRC Centre cyclists

Cambridge Cycle Challenge Winners 2013For the third consecutive time, the LMB and MRC Centre Cambridge have won the local workplace cycle challenge, in the large company category for organisations with 500+ staff.

The Cambridgeshire Cycle Challenge, which succeeded the Cambridge Cycle Challenge, saw Cambridgeshire businesses compete against each other to see who could get the most staff to ride a bike over a three-week period. The idea is to encourage more people to swap from their cars onto their bicycles more often – either to go to work or just for fun – and thereby improving the green footprint within the Cambridgeshire area.

In the 2013 challenge, more than 1900 people participated and cycled over 125,000 miles, saving more than 30 tons of CO2. The LMB and MRC Centre followed their successes in 2010 and 2011 (there was no challenge in 2012) with 15% of the staff participating in the challenge – more than 100 individuals – and together they cycled nearly 7000 miles.

This excellent effort was rewarded with the presentation of a certificate and the prize of a Chocolate Brownie Mountain, from Chocolicious, at the LMB on 12th June. Mathias Pasche, from the LMB, who co-ordinated the LMB and MRC Centre’s participation commented “The effort paid off, not only resulting in better fitness but also in burning off some calories. To regain this calorie loss this year’s prize is more than welcome.”

The Cambridgeshire Cycle Challenge is run by Cambridgeshire County Council and Challenge for Change, and is sponsored by local businesses

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