Hundreds of children and adults enjoy the LMB’s ‘See Your Cells’ activity at the Cambridge Science Festival

Stereomicroscope ChallengeThe first weekend of the 2017 Cambridge Science Festival saw over 3000 visitors attend the ‘Hands-on at the Guildhall’ event, where the LMB’s ‘See Your Cells’ activity proved hugely popular. Mathias Pasche and his team of 25 enthusiastic volunteers gave visitors the unique opportunity to see their own cells, by simply taking a cheek swab, staining the sample and viewing it down a microscope. Visitors could see individual cells, their nuclei and even bacteria if they hadn’t brushed their teeth well!

Visitors could also take part in the stereomicroscope challenge where they had to identify mystery objects – amazing insects, beautiful butterflies, surprising seeds and delicate flowers – using a microscope.

For many children, this was their first time looking down a microscope and their enjoyment and awe were clear. Comments included:

See Your Cells

“I loved it – thank you!”

“It was great because I’d never tried this before and I enjoyed myself”

“Best day ever!”

The LMB’s Science Festival fun continues. Following Brad Amos’s talk on Monday, at 6pm on Thursday 23rd March, Rebecca Taylor will be giving a talk at the UTCC entitled ‘Finding the fountain of youth: why we age and what we can do about it”, explaining how her lab are using worms to understand aging. And on Sunday 26th March, you can meet the worms at our ‘Worms are cleverer than you think’ activity at the UTCC. Help with experiments, play the sweet-finding game…there will even be a worm costume for you to try on!


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