LMB 365 – Day 106

On this day in 1999, Venki Ramakrishnan started his group at the LMB. On day 106 of #LMB365, Venki is pictured giving a lecture to his colleagues at LMB, in front of a schematic of the structure of ribosome. Venki helped to determine the structure and for this shared the 2009 Nobel Prize for Chemistry. In his Nobel biography, From Chidambaram to Cambridge: A Life in Science, Venki commented, “So only a few months after my move to Cambridge, with the rest of my lab still in Utah, we had made a major breakthrough. When I revealed our findings at the triennial ribosome meeting in Denmark in June, I could sense the shock in the audience, especially since virtually none of them knew we were working on the problem. Soon afterwards, our work was published in Nature in August 1999 with much fanfare.”