LMB 365 – Day 42

Day 42 of #LMB365 is a stained wing disc of the fruit fly Drosophila by Lisa Heinke from the group of Mariann Bienz in the PNAC Division. Wing discs are larval structures that will give rise to the wing of the adult fly. The Bienz lab is researching the gene/protein wingless, an important developmental regulator with a role in cancer, to find interactors of wingless as potential targets in medical treatment. Candidates are used to generate mutant clones in the wing disc that are stained with green fluorescent protein (GFP, shown in green) to allow them to be visualised under a confocal microscope. If wingless and the candidate interact, wingless expression (red stripe) is altered. DNA is stained in blue to show the cell nuclei of the wing disc.