LMB raises £1,108 for cancer support and a children’s ambulance

LMB staff lines up for the bake sale
LMB staff lines up for the annual Macmillan Cancer Support bake sale

For the fifth year in a row, LMB staff showed up on both sides of a long and vibrant line up of baked goodness in support of the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning to fundraise for cancer support. This year, the LMB’s HR team, an enthusiastic bunch of bakers, and an equally committed team of cake supporters raised £640.96, significantly higher than last year’s £344.35.

This amount could be used to run a small Macmillan information and support centre for over 20 hours, helping people affected by cancer to find critical information, advice and support at a time of need. The funds allow them to support those with cancer, by treating them as individuals and not just as patients, which means supporting them emotionally, practically and financially. The charity also provides assistance to patients’ friends and family as cancer’s effects reach far and wide.

This year, 15 LMB bakers showed up in strong support of this cause with a wide variety of baked goods – from cupcakes and brownies to cheesy muffins and savoury treats to gluten-free options. The Macmillan Coffee Morning has been a huge fundraising effort across the UK. Last year, it raised almost £27 million with hopes of topping it this year.

LMB’s first all-women relay running team
LMB’s first all-women relay running team; sitting (L-R) Erin Leahy, Anna Howes, Padmaparna Ghosh, standing (L-R) Jennifer Macdonald, Joanne Usher and Anna Albecka-Moreau

In another show of dedicated and strong support from staff and friends, LMB’s first ever all-women’s team raised £467.30 for a critical care children’s ambulance at the annual, iconic charity race: Chariots of Fire. The ambulance will be run by the Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust, which was the chosen fundraising partner.

LMB’s team, The Molly Cools, ended up raising much more than the target of £300. The six-member team included Anna Albecka-Moreau, Padmaparna Ghosh, Anna Howes, Erin Leahy, Jennifer Macdonald and Joanne Usher, and was placed third in the all-female category.

The specialist children’s ambulance service is dedicated to provide the highest level of care for the region’s sickest children. This service will benefit, on average, 1,700 patients a year by being an Intensive Care Unit on wheels to keep children alive during transfers, ensuring that they survive long enough to get to Addenbrooke’s. While adults and new-born babies in this region have access to such a service, there is no such ambulance that can specifically provide intensive care for critically ill children.

The Chariots of Fire Race is one of Cambridgeshire’s largest annual charity events. Teams run a 1.7-mile course in relay format, in the heroic footsteps of the famous film “Chariots of Fire”.

A big thank you to everyone who participated, sent messages of support, donated and showed up at both these events.

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