LMB wins green travel award

The MRC Units on the Addenbrooke’s campus, including LMB, have recently been awarded the “Workplace Travel Plan Award Certificate of Commitment” in recognition of their efforts to develop a travel plan to reduce the amount of travel generated by MRC’s activities.

Speaking on behalf of LMB’s Green Committee, Dr Christine Barrie said “We are delighted that all our efforts to address sustainable travel have been recognised. Our challenge now is to build on this initial work.”

The team has recently conducted a Travel for Work Survey which showed that 58% of LMB personnel currently cycle to work which is one of the highest in the county.

Head of MRC Centre in Cambridge, Dr Megan Davies, said “All MRC personnel on-site should be congratulated. The MRC is developing its own workplace travel plan to encourage more sustainable modes of travel when possible as part of the broader Addenbrooke’s travel plan. There are five additional steps in the workplace travel plan award scheme and we hope to win further awards as we develop, implement and monitor our efforts in the future.”
The certificate was presented at the fifth annual Cambridge and Peterborough Workplace Travel Plan Awards in Cambridge on Tuesday 19 January.

Further information:

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