LMB YouTube channel relaunch

Did you know that the LMB has a YouTube channel where you can find out more about the work done here and about our researchers?

Often science can be hard to understand when it’s just written as dense text. Animations that show the way molecules move and interact or interviews with the scientists who did the work can really help explain complex research. That’s why we have redesigned our YouTube channel to help everyone understand more about the science we do and how it’s done, while making it easier to find links to more information about the subjects they’re interested in.

In particular, the LMB YouTube channel has a new look home page and easier to navigate videos. This includes separate playlists highlighting some of the work done in each of the four research divisions, a series of videos allowing you to meet our scientists, and a collection showcasing the LMB’s 16 Nobel laureates. It is also now easier to find out more about the specific topics of research that interest you and find further resources relating to these topics, whether you’re interested in electron cryo-microscopy or circadian rhythms.

We hope you enjoy exploring our YouTube channel, and if you have suggestions for new content, please do let us know by contacting the LMB Public Engagement Team.

Further references:

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