MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology welcomes Astra Zeneca to Cambridge Biomedical Campus

Staff at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology welcomed the announcement that AstraZeneca would be their new neighbours on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.  Sir Hugh Pelham, Director of the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, said, “The LMB is delighted that AstraZeneca has chosen to come here.  The move will build on the alliances already forged on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus and will help to inspire a new era of collaboration and innovation with industry.”

In late 2011 the MRC announced an innovative collaboration with AstraZeneca, which gave academic researchers unprecedented access to 22 clinical compounds in an award-winning partnership that broke new ground in the way industry collaborates with academia and government to share knowledge and discover and develop new drugs.  Since then, the MRC and AstraZeneca have committed £7m funding for 15 research projects involving those compounds.

The MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, considered to be the birthplace of modern molecular biology, forges international scientific partnerships with academia, health professionals and many others to promote the application of its research findings for medical benefit.  Alongside this, the LMB collaborates with industry, both through sharing its talent and ideas with existing companies and by the founding of new ones.