Collaborations with the University of Cambridge

LMB scientists from across the Divisions are also involved in various collaborations and initiatives with the University of Cambridge. Most notably, the Department of Medicine Molecular Immunity Unit (MIU) is housed in one wing of the LMB building, and groups there benefit from and contribute to the LMB environment. Other relationships include:

  • Sponsorship of the CRUK Cambridge Centre, a dynamic collaboration of researchers, clinicians, and the pharmaceutical and biotech industries based in the Cambridge area.
  • Membership of Cambridge Immunology, a group designed to showcase and enhance Cambridge’s position as a leading international centre for research and teaching in immunology.
  • Membership of Cambridge Neurosciences, an Interdisciplinary Research Centre that links principal investigators from over 60 different departments and institutes across Cambridge.
  • Sponsorship of the Cambridge Cell Biology Seminars to promote interactions between researchers in the Cambridge area.
  • Participation in the 3Rs (Replication, Repair & Recombination) Seminars, a consortium of Cambridge-based groups with an interest in 3Rs.
  • An initiative with the Department of Clinical Neurosciences in mechanism-based therapeutics of common human neurodegenerative diseases.