Cell Biology Project

Cell division in archaea

Many proteins that were once thought to be unique to eukaryotes are now known to have their origins in archaea. These include ESCRT-III and AAA-ATPase Vps4 proteins. In eukaryotes, homologues of these proteins are known to cut biological membrane tubes from the inside - an activity that is critical for a wide range of membrane remodelling events, including membrane repair, multi-vesicular body formation, viral release and the final stages of cell division, when one cell is cut into two. Strikingly, homologues of these proteins appear to have a similar activity in TACK-family archaea, such as Sulfolobus, where they play a role in division. This enables Sulfolobus to be used as a simple system in which to better understand the physical mechanism of ESCRT-III mediated scission.

Recent work by the lab suggests a novel, but relatively simple physical model for this process, in which cell division in Sulfolobus is driven by the stepwise assembly and remodelling of a hetero-polymeric ESCRT-III ring.

In this PhD project, the student will combine archaeal cell biology (imaging cells at 75°C), biochemistry and a structural analysis of division rings to test this model and to explore the role of two AAA-ATPases in the closure of the ESCRT-III ring. In doing so, they will help refine our picture of ESCRT-III-mediated cell division in archaea. At the same time, we expect this work to shed light on the origins and evolution of cell division in eukaryotes.

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