UTCC students have hands-on EM experience at the LMB

MRC LMB UTC EM Demo1The LMB has continued its collaboration with the University Technical College Cambridge (UTCC), with students visiting as part of their microscopy challenge project. 16 A-Level students, who study microscopy as part of their biology course, spent an afternoon at the LMB, broadening their knowledge of electron microscopes (EM). After a fascinating introduction by the EM team, the students were able to operate the smaller EMs to view negatively stained adenovirus particles. They then had a tour of the cryo-EM facility to see the cutting-edge microscopes that generate atomic resolution images of biological structures.

The students also went on a tour through the Structural Studies and PNAC Divisions where they got a taste of the different expertise – biologists, chemists, physicists and computer scientists – who collaborate at the LMB. Finally, the students had the opportunity to talk with Ester Vazquez Fernandez, a postdoc in Structural Studies, who explained how cryo-EM plays a crucial role in her work. The students were interested to know more about her path to becoming a scientist as many of them would like to pursue a career in science.

MRC LMB UTC EM Demo2The UTCC is a regional centre for science education, open to 14-19 year-old students with a passion for science, and the MRC is one of their sponsors. This latest visit was part of the on-going commitment by the LMB towards supporting the UTCC. It was a great success, with the students again learning a great deal from their experience and giving hugely positive feedback.

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