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eduroam for visitors to the LMB

The LMB offers eduroam using the SSID of eduroam using EAP-TLS with no IPv6 support.
Visitors should have already configured their device(s) for eduroam access before arriving at the LMB.
When you use eduroam at the LMB you are bound by our AUP (see below), the Janet/eduroam(UK) AUP and the AUP of the organisation you belong to. Breach of AUP could result in disciplinary procedures.

LMB Acceptable Use Policy

The LMB Network should not be used inappropriately, in particular you should not use
the network to:

  • Send, receive or make available any material that might be considered offensive, obscene or indecent
  • Send, receive or make available any material that might infringe copyright.
  • Run peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing software, e.g. Kazaa
  • Intercept or attempt to intercept other users transmissions for the purposes of eavesdropping
  • Access or run utilities or services which might negatively impact on the overall performance of the network.
  • Harass, cause annoyance, nuisance or inconvenience to others
  • Access or attempt to access systems or resources to which you are not authorised
  • Provide services which may interfere with normal network operation
  • Provide access to others, e.g. allowing a third party to use your credentials to access the network

Misuse of the network will be taken extremely seriously. Such misuse may lead to:

  • Immediate permanent disconnection of any unapproved networking equipment
  • For deliberate or repeated breach of the policy, permanent revocation of usage.
  • Reporting, to the appropriate authority, any unlawful activity.

All data/programs, including email, created/owned/stored by the user on or connected to
IT facilities may, in the instance of suspected wrong doing, be subjected to inspection by
MRC or by statutory authorities.

Other than any statutory obligation, the MRC will not be liable for any loss, damage or
inconvenience arising directly or indirectly – from the use of, or prevention of use of, any
IT facility provided and/or managed by MRC.

Whilst MRC takes appropriate security measures against unauthorised access to,
alteration, disclosure, destruction or accidental loss of personal and other data it cannot
and does not give any warranties or undertakings to the USER about security,
confidentiality or integrity of data, personal or other.

Computer MAC address, user details and other related information will be stored in
computerised form for use for administrative and other purposes e.g. monitoring system

As provided by The Telecommunications (Lawful Business Practice) (Interception of
Communications) Regulations 2000, made under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers
Act 2000, the MRC will intercept and monitor electronic communications for the purposes
permitted under those Regulations.

These conditions apply to non-MRC owned equipment e.g. laptops, telephones, etc. when
connected to the MRC network, for the duration that the equipment is using the MRC