M. Madan Babu

Regulatory Genomics and Systems Biology

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The molecules of life, such as proteins, nucleic acids and metabolites, have traditionally been studied in isolation. It is becoming increasingly clear that they are tied together to form a large, inter-linked, complex system that is highly regulated at multiple levels of organization. Disruption of this regulation has been implicated in a number of diseases such as cancer, neurodegenration and numerous genetic disorders.

My research group aims to gain a detailed understanding of how regulation is achieved distinct levels of organization in cellular systems. We place a particular emphasis on understanding how the precise structure and intrinsically disordered regions of proteins contribute to cellular regulation. Specifically, we investigate regulation at three levels of organization: molecules, processes and genomes. At the molecular level, we aim to discover novel features of regulatory and signalling proteins. At the process level, we aim to understand how the different regulatory mechanisms contribute to cellular homeostasis. At the genome level, we study the interplay between regulation and genome evolution.

The ultimate goal of our research programme is to decipher the molecular basis of human diseases caused by regulatory dysfunction. To this end, we develop new genome-scale experimental approaches and computational methods to mine and integrate disparate datasets from diverse model organisms. We envision that the findings from our research will help to better understand how mutations that affect various regulatory processes result in dysfunctions associated with diseases, and that the discovery of design principles of regulation can be exploited in biotechnology and medicine.

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Group Members

  • Daniel Estevez Prado
  • Yonathan Goldtzvik
  • Alex Gunnarsson
  • Hannes Harbrecht
  • Alissa Hummer
  • Xiaohan Li
  • Duccio Malinverni
  • Maria Marti Solano
  • Alexey Morgunov
  • Andal Murthy
  • Balaji Santhanam
  • Greg Slodkowicz