EpsinR D342R + D422R overexpression in COS cells

Mutation of these two residues affects the interaction of EpsinR with clathrin.
The phenotype is less severe than the lipid binding mutant (D34G + R67L)
pointing again to the importance of the ENTH domain is targeting epsinR.
In this mutant there is better overlap with GGAs which may be due to
less competition with clathrin for binding.

Blue Channel -
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Red Channel -
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Green Channel -
D342R + D422R
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Colours as before
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Colocalisation of EpsinR D342R +D422R (green) with markers (red), focusing on the perinuclear region.

M6P receptor
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Blue - Transferrin
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Endogenous epsinR expression

Comparison of epsin1 and epsinR

Myc-epsinR (WT) overexpression and colocalisation with markers

Myc-epsinR D34G+R67L (lipid binding mutant)

Myc-epsinR L10E (proposed lipid conformation mutant)

Myc-epsinR D342R+D422R (clathrin binding mutant)

Myc-epsinR D34G+R67L + D342R+D422R (lipid and clathrin binding mutant)

EpsinR-GFP and ENTH domain overexpression

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