EpsinR WT overexpression in COS cells

Myc-EpsinR WT with endogenous AP1 and transferrin uptake in COS cells

In the transfected epsinR cell in the image on the left, only the perinuclear puncta significantly co-localise with AP1 and not with internalised transferrin. Endogenous epsinR and overexpressed epsinR do not overlap with overexpressed epsin1 (see link), but there is considerable overlap with TGN markers (see below). With higher levels of epsinR expression there are fewer larger puncta (click here for examples).

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Colocalisation of EpsinR (green) with markers (red), focusing on the perinuclear region.

Blue - Transferrin
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Endogenous epsinR expression

Comparison of epsin1 and epsinR

Myc-epsinR (WT) overexpression and colocalisation with markers

Myc-epsinR D34G+R67L (lipid binding mutant)

Myc-epsinR L10E (proposed lipid conformation mutant)

Myc-epsinR D342R+D422R (clathrin binding mutant)

Myc-epsinR D34G+R67L + D342R+D422R (lipid and clathrin binding mutant)

EpsinR-GFP and ENTH domain overexpression

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