Julian Gough

Julian Gough

Computational Genomics

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Medical research, and the molecular biology that it relies on, can be advanced in many ways using theoretical and computational approaches, mostly by harnessing the power of small and big data generated by experimental methods. Regenerative medicine and personal genomics will be two of the most exciting growth areas in the coming decade. Our research group has expertise spanning scales of biology from DNA, proteins, interactions, networks, cells, etc. up to whole organism phenotypes; we join these together to create innovative technologies and advance scientific knowledge in areas including regenerative medicine and personal genomics.

We are contributing to the field of cell reprogramming by predicting factors for human cell differentiation and to the field of human genetics by predicting phenotypic effects of genetic variation through causal molecular biology. To achieve this our group requires a range of biological and computational backgrounds, and we work closely with industry and biotech start-ups to translate our basic research into practise.


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Group Members

  • Antonina Andreeva
  • Rihab Gam
  • Chang Lu
  • Alexey Murzin
  • William Orchard
  • Arun Prasad Pandurangan
  • Minkyung Sung