LMB cyclists ride high in the saddle

Christine Barrie (centre) with Cycle September certificate
(L-R) Councillor Ian Bates, Christine Barrie and Izzi Monk from the Royal Society of Chemistry

Once again, LMB’s cycling staff took the top spot in Cambridgeshire, and placed second in the UK, as part of a nationwide cycling challenge – Cycle September. For the category of 500-1,999 staff, the LMB slid into the top rank quite dramatically in a spectacular last minute overtake of the Royal Society of Chemistry team. LMB’s star cyclists for the 2019 challenge include Damian Sutcliffe, David Paul, Aaron Castell and Wayne Rednall all of whom clocked over 500 miles during the month. LMB cyclists pedalled 17,148 miles over 2,944 trips, saving 8,466 pounds of CO2 emissions. The Royal Society of Chemistry came second.

In Cambridgeshire, more than 2,000 people participated – more than any other region in the UK. Cyclists from 184 different organisations rode a total of 290,466 miles over 37,513 trips saving around 117,057 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. Cycle September is run by cycling organisation Love to Ride on behalf of the Greater Cambridge Partnership to encourage people to cycle and travel sustainably. The certificates were handed to top individuals and organisations at an awards ceremony at Shire Hall on November 7. Christine Barrie, one of LMB’s top encouragers for cycling, was there to receive the honours on behalf of the LMB.

“It is not difficult to get members of LMB staff to cycle to work because Cambridge is primarily a cycling city and working on the Campus lends itself to cycling,” said Alison Turnock, Divisional Administrator (Cell Biology), who was also the Challenge Champion. The LMB also provides its staff with plenty of cycle parking, lockers for biking gear, showers and bike repair equipment. “LMB riders definitely put in more effort during September and a bit further to help ‘the LMB team’ win the challenge. It is always fun to tease out the competitive nature of our participants in the closing days of the competition,” added Alison. Many riders also posted photos of their rides and accompanying scenery, which have ranged from vivid sunsets and rolling countryside to local flora and fauna.

The LMB has always had an enthusiastic and energetic cycling contingent which has helped it win the challenge several times in the past. The LMB’s very first participation was in the 2010 Cycle to Work Challenge when 19.8% of LMB and MRC Centre staff participated. In 2017 LMB won first place in the 500-1,999 staff category and in 2016 the LMB found its winning form in the National Cycle Challenge.

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