LMB Scientists Honoured by the UK’s Biochemical Society

Biochem_363_Grey10_cmykLMB scientists, M. Madan Babu, Harvey McMahon, Melina Schuh and John Burke, have all been honoured with awards from the Biochemical Society, the UK’s largest discipline based learned society in the biosciences.

M. Madan Babu

Madan, a group leader in the LMB’s Structural Studies Division, has been awarded the prestigious 2014 Colworth Medal. The medal is awarded annually to a biochemist under the age of 35 for outstanding research achievement. The award was made in recognition of Madan’s expertise in bioinformatics analysis of protein structure and gene networks.

Madan joins an illustrious list of previous winners of the medal, now in its 50th year, including several from the LMB: George Brownlee (1976), Ron Laskey (1979), Terry Rabbitts (1981), Greg Winter (1986), Hugh Pelham (1988), Angus Lamond (1992), David Owen (2003) and Sarah Teichmann (2011).

Madan will present his award lecture at a Biochemical Society conference in 2014.

Harvey McMahon

Harvey, a group leader in the LMB’s Neurobiology Division, has been awarded the 2014 Morton Award. This is awarded every other year for outstanding contribution to lipid biochemistry. The award is for Harvey’s pioneering work on protein-membrane interactions and their biological consequences.

Harvey follows in the footsteps of the LMB’s Roger Williams, who received the award in 2008.

Harvey will present his award lecture at a conference of the Biochemical Society in 2014.

Melina Schuh

Melina, a group leader in the LMB’s Cell Biology Division, has been awarded the 2014 Early Career Research Award in the field of Cells. The Early Career Awards recognize the impact of research carried out by young scientists across the Society’s Theme Panels. Melina’s award is for her work on the cell biology of mammalian oocytes.

John Burke

John, is a Career Development Fellow in Roger Williams’ group in the LMB’s PNAC Division. His 2014 Early Career Research Award is in the field of Molecular Structure and Function. John’s award is for his work on the structural biology of signalling pathways.

John and Melina join LMB’s Madan Babu (2010) and Rene Frank (2010) in receiving Early Career Research Awards. They will both present award lectures at a Biochemical Society Conference during 2014

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