Songs fill the atrium at the LMB musical evening

LMB Musical evening
LMB Musical evening

After the success of the inaugural event last year, the LMB held its second musical evening, once again organised by the LMB Wellbeing Champions and showcasing the myriad of musical talents possessed by LMB staff and students.

There was a varied programme of music and singing, including traditional jigs, classical pieces, swing, jazz and some tunes from musicals – in fact something for everyone! Performances featured instruments from all sections of the orchestra: strings, woodwind, brass and even an electric guitar.

Events like this show a different side to the LMB and demonstrate that there isn’t such a great divide between science and the arts. They also provide an opportunity for staff to mix in a social setting and, for those with a musical flair, a chance to entertain their colleagues with their hidden talents, and all for free.

Those who attended certainly had an enjoyable evening and a chance to leave behind the work of the week and relax to the music drifting through the atrium.

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