Living Socially

The LMB puts a high value on a healthy work-life balance for all its employees. There is a particular emphasis on interaction and communal sharing in the building and it is encouraged to extend this atmosphere beyond working hours. There are many clubs and groups to ensure an active social life away from the bench or desk is achievable.

Social clubs & activities

There are numerous groups that meet after normal working hours, often involving interaction with other organisations on site. These include:

  • Cinema club – Meeting several times a year for evening film screenings. Past screenings include Guardians of The Galaxy, Godzilla and Kickass.
  • Volleyball/cricket/rounders/waterpolo/basketball clubs – Meeting regularly for exercise and fun with a touch of competition thrown in.
  • Graduate Student Association (GSA) – The GSA organises a number of social occasions throughout the year including networking and careers events. The association was founded and is run entirely by students. Further information can be found here.
  • Happy Hour – The Happy Hour team organise after-hours social events open to all members of the LMB throughout the year. A particular favourite is the Christmas skit and party, which everyone looks forward to. This has become engrained in the culture of the LMB and continues to be remembered fondly by alumni.

Design of the new building

In keeping with the original ethos of the LMB, the building has an open plan design with many communal areas to encourage interactions and discussions between all that use the building. Communal areas are found around the whole building on all floors and include:

  • Breakout areas and kitchens
  • Restaurant and roof terrace
  • Garden

Frank Lee Centre

Members of the LMB can join the Frank Lee Fitness Centre situated on the Addenbrooke’s site. Facilities include a gym, sports halls, tennis courts, swimming pool, bar and restaurant. You can find more information and fees here.


The MRC Health & Wellbeing Programme is an initiative dedicated to physical, mental, financial and environmental wellbeing at the MRC. There are many programmes to help improve the health and wellbeing of staff. These include:

  • The MRC Employee Assistance Programme offers free, confidential advice on a range of matters including work-life balance, practical support relating to issues such as finances, debt and legal matters and emotional well-being support.
  • Healthcare sessions such as flu vaccinations and eye care appointments.
  • In-house Wellbeing Champions that organise a range of wellbeing sessions including mindfulness training, seated massage and yoga.

Living in Cambridge

Of course there is life and entertainment outside of the LMB and the campus. Cambridge is a historic and interesting city with lots to see and do. There are many websites with lots of information including:


Accommodation of all types can be found both in and around the centre of Cambridge. There are city centre locations within walking distance of the campus, and quiet countryside locations just a few miles away.

Here are some links that can help you find accommodation in Cambridge:

The LMB has three fully-furnished houses for staff and visiting workers, which can be rented for up to 6 months whilst alternative accommodation is sought. There is a minimum ‘stay or pay’ of 3 months.

Getting around

There are over 8000 staff working on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus and the movement of such a large number of people has a major impact on the local transport infrastructure. Therefore, getting around is generally easier and quicker on a bike or by public transport, as well as being more environmentally friendly. The campus is well-served by public transport with nearly 60 buses an hour on weekdays. The LMB is a member of the Travel for Cambridgeshire who are dedicated to delivering and promoting sustainable and healthy travel. We are also signed up to the Addenbrooke’s Travel Plan and have various schemes in place for easier travel.

Cycling to the LMB:

The LMB has a number of initiatives to help employees save money on cycling to work including a Cycle2work Scheme, salary advance, cycle shop discounts and other help for purchasing a new bike and equipment.

We have secure cycle parking facilities, showers and lockers on-site. Should you encounter any problems with your bicycle while at work, the LMB has equipment (e.g. pump and puncture repair kit) that can be borrowed temporarily. The LMB also has 2 pool bikes which are available for short-term loan.

Taking public transport:

The campus has its own bus interchange at the Hills Road entrance which provides bus links to and from all parts of Cambridge including many of the Citi bus and Busway routes and the Babraham and Milton Park and Ride service.

For staff travelling by train, we offer an interest free loan and a discount for season rail tickets. There are many buses to the Addenbrooke’s campus from the station.

Travelling by car:

Parking spaces on the campus are limited and the nearby roads can get congested at peak times, therefore, drivers are encouraged to use the local park and ride where possible.

There are approximately 300 spaces including disabled car parking facilities and staff are charged to park.

Addenbrooke’s has a Car Share Scheme, which is open to everyone who works on the campus. There is also a national scheme, Liftshare and a Cambridgeshire-wide scheme, CamShare , which may be of interest.

More information on travel, including timetables, routes and maps is available here.