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LMB 365 – Day 200

Richard Henderson was born on this day in 1945, in Edinburgh. Day 200 of #LMB365 shows Richard overlooking the atrium of the LMB building. It was during his time as LMB Director that the plans for a new building were launched. Richard was awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his development of cryo-EM

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LMB 365 – Day 199

Day 199 of #LMB365 shows the new signage for the LMB Stores before it was installed. The team processes approximately 300 parcels a day and Stores holds a stock of approximately 650 different items that are issued over the counter. LMB alumni will well remember the queues down the corridor of the old building while waiting to be served. Luckily the new building has allowed processes to be improved and the days of chatting in the queue are long gone…

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LMB 365 – Day 198

Protein samples need to be rapidly frozen in liquid nitrogen so they can be stored without degrading. While freezing samples, Christina Heroven and Patricia Brown were surprised to see the tubes forming a perfect circle within the container as seen here on day 198 of #LMB365

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LMB 365 – Day 197

On day 197 of #LMB365 we have a picture by Katja Röper in the Cell Biology Division. This image shows a confocal section of the primordium of the salivary glands in a Drosophila embryo, a model system for the formation of tubular organs. The Röper lab studies how important tubular organs from flies to humans form during development. The image is false-coloured with cell outlines labelled blue.

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LMB 365 – Day 196

This shot of the LMB for day 196 of #LMB365 was taken by Oleksiy Kovtun. It was taken from Hobson’s Park at Great Kneighton and you can see the top of a train travelling between London and Cambridge past the building

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LMB 365 – Day 195

Cricket was the first recreational activity organised at the LMB. The LMB cricket team officially began playing in the interdepartmental league in 1969 under the chairmanship of Max Perutz and this year marks the team’s golden jubilee! Notable past players include Fred Sanger and John Walker. This image for day 195 of #LMB365 shows the current team who are still actively competing in the interdepartmental cricket league, which itself celebrated its 85th anniversary in 2018.

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LMB 365 – Day 194

This photo for day 194 of #LMB365 shows an engineer cutting into the existing chilled water circuit for the new server room. The welder’s left hand is on a pipe that has been frozen with liquid nitrogen to freeze the water within and enable it to be worked on “live”.

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LMB 365 – Day 193

This image for day 193 of #LMB365 is provided by Jonathan Ribeiro in Gerry Crossan’s lab in the PNAC division. The Crossan lab studies how germ cells faithfully transmit genetic information from parent to offspring. Before becoming spermatozoa (sperm) or oocytes (eggs), germ cells undergo a sequence of cellular events including meiosis. During meiosis, germ cells switch from having two copies of the genome to having only one copy. This division of the genome is essential for the later fusion of a spermatozoon and an oocyte, or fertilisation, in order to produce a new individual with a normal chromosome count. This image is a snapshot of meiosis when chromosomes are preparing to segregate. Chromosomes are labelled in green and blue and sex chromosomes (that determine if the new individual is male or female) have a supplementary stain, in red.

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LMB 365 – Day 192

Liz Miller’s lab in Cell Biology uses yeast colony arrays, seen here on day 192 of #LMB365, to test growth of >5000 genetic mutants all at once. They pin the yeast cells at 384 density to capture the full genome on only 15 plates and quantify colony size to measure growth defects. Using such high throughput screening, Liz’s lab aims to identify new players in protein quality control in the secretory pathway.

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LMB 365 – Day 191

The LMB canteen recently supported Cupcake Day to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Society. Day 191 of #LMB365 shows some of the cakes they baked, which helped raise £51.20 for this worthy cause.

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