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LMB 365 – Day 221

This shot of one of the LMB’s plant towers for day 221 of #LMB365 was taken by Pablo Rodriguez. It shows the light of the setting sun reflected in the stainless steel façade. The faint large square that you can see in the middle of the tower reveals the access panel that will need to be removed if we ever had to replace an entire air handling unit

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LMB 365 – Day 220

This image for day 220 of #LMB365 shows a digitalized patch of cells within the Drosophila melanogaster embryo. Cell-to-cell interfaces are randomly coloured and cell centroids are depicted with a square. Image by Yara Sanchez-Corrales in Katja Röper’s group in the Cell Biology Division.

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LMB 365 – Day 219

Stands the church clock at ten to three. And is there honey still for tea? On Day 219 of #LMB365 are some of the first jars of honey produced this year from the #LMBee. 60 jars went on sale to staff and sold out within a couple of hours

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LMB 365 – Day 218

Emmanuel Derivery’s group in the LMB’s Cell Biology Division uses bacteria to express proteins of interest. They also modify them, in this case making the protein fluorescent pink, as this allows them to easily see the protein in microscopy experiments. Day 218 of #LMB365 shows some stages in the purification of a fluorescently-labelled protein, at the same time as the unlabelled protein.

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LMB 365 – Day 217

This image for day 217 of #LMB365 shows one of the racks of zebrafish tanks found in the aquatics facility within the University occupied space at the LMB. Each 1.5 litre tank can hold up to 25 fish fry up to 30 days of age and the racks are designed to provide a controlled environment of 26C, pH7 and conductivity of 650 to ensure the welfare of the fish.

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LMB 365 – Day 216

Day 216 of #LMB365 shows a brain organoid, grown by Madeline Lancaster’s group in Cell Biology, seen down a microscope. This one has been injected with a blue dye to visualise the fluid-filled cavities that are similar to the ventricles of the brain.

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LMB 365 – Day 215

Day 215 of #LMB365 is an image of an embryonic day 12 mouse lung, showing the beginning of the extensive branching morphogenesis that will eventually form the adult mouse lung. The tubes of the forming lung are shown in green, and the surrounding supporting tissue is in magenta. The work was carried out by Katja Roeper in collaboration with Emma Rawlins at the Gurdon Institute.

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LMB 365 – Day 214

The LMB’s environmental conditions are regulated through the movement of air through the lab. Waste heat is recovered from the exhaust air before being routed to the top of the four plant towers and being discharged at high speed to prevent it being re-entrained back into the building. Of the four discharge exhausts shown in the picture only three are being used. The fourth is capped and available for expansion purposes. On day 214 of #LMB365 it seems as though the residual warmth from the exhausted air has attracted a local resident to trial some new accommodation at this precarious location. We wonder who it is?

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LMB 365 – Day 213

Day 213 of #LMB365 shows a set of 29 DNP-derivatives of amino acids, prepared by Fred Sanger for his work on the sequencing of proteins. This work led to the sequencing of insulin, as reported on this day in 1955, in a landmark paper in the Biochemical Journal, “[this] was essentially the climax of our work on insulin. It was the first protein to be sequenced and we had developed methods and demonstrated their applicability. I think this stimulated interest in sequencing in other laboratories, and our methods were used extensively until better ones were available.” Fred Sanger, Selected papers of Frederick Sanger (with commentaries) World Scientific, 1996. Fred received the first of his two Nobel Prizes in Chemistry for this work.

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LMB 365 – Day 212

Day 212 of #LMB365 shows managers of some of the LMB’s Operations Group teams hard at work in a risk assessment workshop delivered by the LMB’s Health & Safety team. The LMB has an in-house H&S team and they work with all staff to provide advice and support on H&S matters to help keep both the science and the support infrastructure running smoothly and safely.

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