LMB 365

Throughout 2019 we will be posting an image a day on the LMB’s website and social media channels about life and work at the LMB, both now and in the past.

Science can be very visual, and with the increasing number of different techniques available to visualise molecules, cells and organisms at increasingly higher resolution and in different ways, now is an ideal time to share some of the ground-breaking and exciting science taking place at the LMB.  We also want to give people an insight into what it is like to work at such a world-class institute, whether in the support services or within the labs themselves. It is hoped that these images will help to inspire people, from all walks of life, about the beauty of science and about the pleasure of working in such a prestigious organisation.  We also aim to issue images that link to the history of the LMB and the science that has led to the awarding of 12 Nobel Prizes.

We hope you enjoy the project.