Winners of the 2013-2014 competition

Pupils had five weeks to grow the best-looking crystal of Potash Alum that they could. Their crystals were submitted in March 2014 and exhibited at the Cambridge Science Festival. Crystals were judged on both quality and size.

Key Stage Two Competition

First place:

Laxton Junior School,
Oundle, Peterborough.

Second Place:

Robert Arkenstall Primary School,
Haddenham, Cambridgeshire.

Laxton Junior School - 1st Place 2013/14
Laxton Junior School
Robert Arkenstall Primary School - 2nd Place 2013/14
Robert Arkenstall Primary School

Key Stage Three Competition

First place:

The Steven Perse Foundation,

Second Place:

The Stanway School,
Colchester, Essex.

Steven Perse Foundation - 1st Place 2013/14
The Steven Perse Foundation School
Stanway School - 2nd Place 2013/14
The Stanway School