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Deputy Director
Chief Operating Officermoreton_kevin

Cell Biology Division

Head of Division
Sean Munro
Divisional Administrator

Neurobiology Division

Head of Division
Michael Hastings
Divisional Administrator

Protein & Nucleic Acid Chemistry Division

Joint Heads of Division
Mariann Bienz & Andrew McKenzie
Divisional Administrator

Structural Studies Division

Joint Heads of Division
Jan Löwe & David Barford
Divisional Administrator

Centre for Chemical and Synthetic Biology

Head of CCSB
Jason Chin
CCSB Administrator

Postgraduate Office

Director of Studies
Cristina Rada
Postgraduate Administrator

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Scientific Operations
Scientific Services
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News & Public Engagement

Scientific Facilities

MRC Centre Cambridge

The MRC Centre, Cambridge, serves as the regional administrative centre for the LMB as well as other MRC Units in the Cambridge region. Please see the Centre website for further details:

MRC Head Office

The MRC Head Office website provides information about the Medical Research Council as a whole including links to all Units and Institutes: