LMB Alumni News

From its earliest days the LMB has attracted and trained first class scientists from around the world – creating a diverse community for the exchange of ideas and technical innovation. The LMB provides excellent opportunities for early career and established researchers – people with the potential to lead their field. A high percentage of LMB students and post-docs stay in research or science related fields after they leave the LMB. The LMB supports the wider scientific community by supplying highly trained scientific leaders. They leave the LMB to develop and support molecular biology both in the UK and throughout the world.

Knighthood for Richard Treisman

Richard Treisman, LMB 1984-1988, Scientific Staff, Director's Division

Richard Treisman, biochemist, molecular biologist and Research Director at the Francis Crick Institute, has been knighted in the Queen’s Birthday Honours for services to biomedical science and to cancer research. More…


Lauren Parker Jackson and Kristian Andersen named as Pew Scholars for Biomedical Sciences

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Lauren Parker Jackson, LMB 2003-2007, PhD Student, Structural Studies, Kristian Andersen, LMB 2004-2009, PhD Student, PNAC

The Pew Charitable Trusts have named 22 exceptional early-career scientists as Pew scholars in the biomedical sciences, including Lauren Parker Jackson and Kristian Andersen , both former LMB PhD students. More…


Jernej Ule and Ian Tomlinson elected to EMBO

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Jernej Ule, LMB 2006-2013, Tenure track programme leader, Structural Studies. Ian Tomlinson, LMB 1994-2001, Postdoctoral staff and group leader, PNAC.

Two former LMB group leaders have been named as new EMBO members. Jernej and Ian are among 58 new members to join EMBO, who elect new members annually on the basis of scientific excellence and outstanding research contributions. Jernej is now at The Francis Crick Institute and UCL Institute of Neurology, while Ian is at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, Oxford. More…


Steven Brenner named Fellow in International Group

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LMB 1993-1996, PhD student, Structural Studies

Former LMB PhD student Steven Brenner has been named a fellow by a prestigious computational biology association for his groundbreaking research in protein analysis and genetics. More


Beth Thompson: Data Protection and Medical Research

LMB 2004-2008, PhD student, Cell Biology Division

Former LMB PhD student, Beth Thompson, now works as a Senior Policy Advisor at the Wellcome Trust, focusing on the regulation of research. Beth led Wellcome’s advocacy work on the impact of the EU Data Protection Regulation, and writes about the outcome of that work. More


Cambridge’s 92 Nobel Prize winners

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Cambridge News’ has been rounding up all of Cambridge’s 92 Nobel Laureates, which includes 15 LMB scientists: 13 whose Nobel Prize winning research was conducted at the LMB, and 2 alumni who went on to carry out prize-winning research elsewhere: 1951 to 1974; 1974 to 1989; 1996 to 2015.  These articles are no longer available from the source website: Cambridge News 18 January 2016, 25 January 2016 and 1 February 2016


Ithai Rabinowitch: The plastic fantastic brain

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LMB 2006-2011, postdoctoral researcher, Cell Biology Division

A study finds worms that can’t feel are better smellers – and the phenomenon is reversible. The collaborative study by Ithai Rabinowitch, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and William Schafer’s group at LMB, was started by Ithai while a postdoc in William’s group at LMB. More…


Coffee & tea session with Prof. Daniela Rhodes

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LMB 1969-2015, scientific staff & group leader, Structural Studies Division

Before joining Nanyang Technological University in Singapore in September 2011, Professor Daniela Rhodes spent her whole research career at the world-renowned MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge UK. More…


John Sulston’s worm cell drawings

LMB 1969-1992, scientific staff & group leader, Cell Biology Division

John Sulston is best known for the leading role he played in the Human Genome Project. But earlier in his career, while working at the LMB, he studied the development of the nematode worm. Sarah Harrop tells the story behind a lab notebook entry which contributed to a Nobel Prize-winning breakthrough. More...


Sarah Teichmann: Harnessing computer power to understand biology

LMB 1996-1999 & 2001-2013, PhD student & programme leader, Structural Studies Division

In an interview for Science Careers, former LMB Group Leader Sarah Teichmann talks about how she was inspired by computational biology by Cyrus Chothia, with whom she did her PhD. She also shares how she gained her skills and abilities and what doors they opened to her. More…