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The origin of biological clocks

Science News

Review of research, including that of the LMB’s John O’Neill, on the evolutionary story of circadian rhythms. More…


Harnessing computer power to understand biology


In an interview for Science Careers, former LMB Group Leader Sarah Teichmann talks about how she was inspired by computational biology by Cyrus Chothia, with whom she did her PhD. She also shares how she gained her skills and abilities and what doors they opened to her. More…


How to grow a brain

MRC Logo

Being able to grow rudimentary brain tissue in the lab means that researchers can study organ development and disease. But how do you go from stem cells to a ‘mini-brain’? New LMB group leader Madelaine Lancaster’s research is highlighted in a report by the Long+Short magazine’s Ben Martynoga on the latest MRC Insight blog. More…


Reviewing translation at the MRC

MRC Technology

Work by LMB’s Mike Gait, Jason Chin and Satpal Virdee, and Fabrice Gorrec highlighted in a MRC Review of recent successes in translational research. More…


Cambridge Neuroscience 2015 Seminar at the LMB: Brain Chat podcast

Cambridge Neuroscience

Brain Chat – a podcast answering key questions about brain and behaviour, with Hannah Critchlow reporting on exciting brain research revolutions presented at the Cambridge Neuroscience 2015 Seminar held at LMB. More…


LMB contribution towards UK bioscience success illuminated


The stories behind three great LMB successes are highlighted in a report by the UK BioIndustry Association (BIA). Humira, the first fully humanised antibody and one of the worlds top selling drugs (pages 3-4), Lemtrada (CAMPATH) treatment for Multiple Sclerosis (pages 5-6) and the Stabilised GPCR StaR® technology which enables determination of receptor structures (pages 11-12) all came from work carried out at the LMB. To read about these stories and others, please download the pdf “Celebrating UK Bioscience“.


Cambridge scientists unlock cause of some types of infertility


LMB’s Melina Schuh, in collaboration with Bourn Hall Clinic, may have found the cause of some types of infertility, including recurrent miscarriage, after new research found some human eggs carry the wrong number of chromosomes. More…


Sarah Teichmann receives EMBO Gold Award

EMBO logo

The LMB congratulates former LMB Group Leader, Sarah Teichmann, on receiving the 2015 EMBO Gold Award. More…


Joan A. Steitz: A place in the lab, and in biochemistry history

ctnow logo

The pioneering career of LMB Alumnus Joan Steitz, currently Sterling Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry at Yale University is featured by CTNOW, looking at her work and how Joan’s time at the LMB studying ribosomes led to her important discoveries in RNA research. More…


ISCB Senior Scientist Award for Cyrus Chothia


A look at the career of LMB’s Cyrus Chothia and his work on the structures and functions of proteins, following announcement of his ISCB Senior scientist award. More…