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Two LMB Scientists’ archives added to the Wellcome Library

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The archive papers of two former LMB scientists, John Sulston and Alan Coulson, have been added to the Wellcome Library.


Worm neuron hack to probe the mysteries of our brains

New Scientist

Hijacking how neurons of nematode worms are wired is the first step in an approach that could revolutionise our understanding of brains and consciousness. Research by the LMB’s Bill Schafer and his team is highlighted in New Scientist. More…


Scientists map one of most important proteins in life and cancer


David Barford and his group, at the LMB and at the Institute of Cancer Research in London, have used cryo-EM to reveal the secondary structure of a vital protein in cell division: the human anaphase-promoting complex (APC/C). More…


Meeting of Minds at Lens on Life exhibition


The LMB’s Melina Schuh and other scientists involved in the MitoSys project on mitosis, have collaborated with artists including Rob Kesseler, to create a documentary ‘Meeting of Minds’, and other works of arts exploring cell division. These are being displayed at the Lens on Life exhibition in Rome, which will come to London in January 2015. More…


Prizewinners Trip to the LMB for Stephen Perse Foundation Senior School pupils


An article from their school newsletter shows the pupils who grew crystals in their Chemistry lessons and won first prize in the Eastern Region Crystal Growing Competition for Key Stage 3 pupils. The prizewinners had a tour of the Laboratory of Molecular Biology and took part in experiments. More…


Imaging the Unimaginable: Electron microscopy in the limelight

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The latest advances in electron microscopy at the LMB are featured in MRC’s Network magazine, showing how collaboration and complementary expertise have led to a structural biology breakthrough. The issue also features an interview with the LMB’s Lori Passmore, as she explains why it is such a fascinating time for electron microscopy. More…


Nobel prize winning Cambridge scientist Max Perutz given new stamp of approval


The LMB’s founder, Max Perutz, who was honoured on the centenary of his birth with a Royal Mail Stamp, has now also had a postmark created for the occasion, which will appear on letters and parcels delivered around Cambridge this week. More…


Hugh Pelham discusses research collaboration between LMB and AstraZeneca in more depth


Mike Scialom talks to Sir Hugh Pelham about why pledge from the MRC LMB and AstraZeneca could mean good news for Cambridge. More…


Research collaboration between LMB and AstraZeneca


The Reuters news agency reports further detail of a joint research fund between the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology and AstraZeneca. More…


Jason Chin discusses synthetic biology on Guardian Science Weekly Podcast

The Guardian

In this Science Weekly podcast, Jason Chin, programme leader at MRC LMB, is interviewed by Guardian science correspondent Ian Sample. Jason explains his own work in the field and why synthetic forms of DNA are crucial both for furthering our understanding of fundamental biology and for creating a new generation of tools for medical science. More…