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Behind the picture: a tiny cell-killing drill


Christos Savva, Electron Microscopy Facility scientist at the LMB, talks about why understanding structures of important proteins could be the key to treating many different diseases. More…


Vital nutrient has key role in keeping body clocks running on time


Magnesium – a nutrient found in many foods – helps control how cells keep their own form of time to cope with the natural environmental cycle of day and night, scientists in John O’Neill’s group at the LMB, and at the University of Edinburgh have found. More…


Allergan signs $3.3bn deal with Heptares

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Heptares Therapeutics, an LMB spin-out company, announces a deal with Allergan for development of novel treatments for neurological disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease. More…


Artificial DNA could build new generation of cancer drugs

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Scientists have built the first 3D nano-sized objects using artificial DNA, which could be used to deploy cancer treatments inside tumour cells. The teams from the LMB and The Institute of Cancer Research, London created microscopic pyramid- and diamond-shaped 3D ‘packets’ by folding together artificial nucleic acid building blocks called Xeno nucleic acids (XNAs). More…


Cambridge Pharmaceutical Cryo-EM Consortium


Cambridge Pharmaceutical Cryo-EM Consortium formed by FEI, five pharmaceutical companies, LMB and the University of Cambridge. Sample preparation and data collection services on a cryo-transmission electron microscope (cryo-EM) will be provided to the consortium companies for early-stage drug discovery research. More…


Mini-brains show great potential to replace animals in studying neurological disease

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Madeline Lancaster has recently won the annual NC3Rs 3Rs Prize for her work on the creation of brain organoids that mimic the developing human cerebrum. More…


From Parkinson’s Disease to ubiquitin

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Mechanistic studies on a few curious proteins associated with familial Parkinson’s disease have led researchers in the EMBO community, including David Komander’s group at LMB, on a journey to cast surprising new light on the universal cellular ubiquitin modification system (page 9) More


“Sex, food and smell” Cambridge Science Festival talk @UTC_Cambridge this Sunday #csf2016

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Join the LMB’s Greg Jefferis for his talk: “Sex, food and smell” at the University Technical College Cambridge, Sunday 20 March: 12:45 – 1:45pm, to learn more about the links between smell and attraction. Booking required. More…


Body clocks & Jetlag Cambridge Science Festival talk @UTC_Cambridge this Friday #csf2016

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Join the LMB’s John O’Neill for his talk: “Circadian rhythms: everything you always wanted to know about jetlag (but were too tired to ask)” at the University Technical College Cambridge, Friday 18 March: 6-7pm. Booking required. More…


Venki Ramakrishnan: The Life Scientific

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Venki talks about his life and work for BBC Radio 4’s The Life
Scientific. More…