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New drug target for asthma


A new therapeutic target for inflammatory diseases such as asthma and autoimmune disorders has been identified by scientists at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. The researchers found that the PD-1 protein is a marker for developing Innate Lymphoid Cells that can trigger asthma.The LMB’s Andrew McKenzie is a author on the paper, and comments on this latest development. More…


Microscopy: Imaging far and wide


A custom-built objective lens called the Mesolens allows relatively large biological specimens to be imaged with cellular resolution. It was developed by Brad Amos, LMB Emeritus scientist, and a team at the University of Strathclyde led by Professor Gail McConnell,along with lens designer Esmond Reid.  For the first time it becomes possible to see the whole picture. For example, a small tumour can be examined in its entirety but the images are sharp enough to see the internal structure of individual cells migrating out of the mass. Previously, this could only be seen in a tiny sub-region, so important details could be missed. More…


Madeline Lancaster – The genius who grows tiny brains.

BBC News

Our brains are complex organic computers – some believe the most complicated in the Universe. Yet one scientist has managed to create mini brains that mimic how our minds work. A BBC World film explores the work of the LMB’s Madeline Lancaster. More…


HIV: Newly discovered component could lead to more effective drugs.


Collaborative research between Leo James’s group and colleagues at UCL has uncovered key components of HIV, which they believe could lead to new approaches for drugs to fight the infection. More


Scientists Discover a Vulnerability in HIV’s Protective Shell.


A team of researchers, led by Leo James, has discovered a key feature used by the HIV virus to infect healthy cells without giving itself away and triggering a corresponding immune response. More


Make academia more family friendly: Meet Danielle Mersch

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Come and learn from Danielle, postdoc in LMB’s Neurobiology Division, about “Decoding the fly brain” on 2nd July 2016 12-3pm in Cambridge Market Square. More


More emphasis on doing collaborative research: Meet Nicola Smyllie

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Nicola Smyllie, postdoc in LMB’s Neurobiology Division, will be talking about “Body clocks: rhythm of life” in Cambridge Market Square on 2nd July 12-3pm during the Cambridge Soapbox Science event. More


Interview with Richard Henderson

Times Higher Education

The winner of the Copley Medal talks structural biology, fixing cars and sleeping soundly. More


Soft Landings Project: The MRC LMB

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Details of the Soft Landings project for the new LMB building, including a summary of the building’s special features, the design and construction process and post occupancy evaluation. More


DNA discovery pioneer James Watson pays tribute to colleague Francis Crick

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James Watson returned to the LMB to deliver a special talk about Francis Crick, marking the centenary of Francis’ birth.  Francis and Jim cracked the secret of the DNA structure in the MRC unit over 60 years ago. More…