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Tau filaments from chronic traumatic encephalopathy have distinct structure

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Researchers in Michel Goedert’s and Sjors Scheres’ groups have revealed the structure of tau filaments from the head injury-associated neurodegenerative disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy. More…


‘Mini-brains on the move’ that can contract muscle

Researchers in Madeline Lancaster’s group have developed a method of growing cerebral organoids, or mini-brains, that allows longer-term development and showed that these mini-brains can stimulate muscle contraction. More…


Greg Winter is the guest on BBC Radio 4’s ‘The Life Scientific’

Greg Winter tells Jim Al-Khalili how an injury from a road rage incident led to a change in the direction of his research and the start of his work on antibodies, ultimately leading to the Nobel Prize last year, as well as the importance of good mentors in the LMB’s success. More…


Tips for overcoming research challenges – Ana Casañal

RNA Society member spotlight on Ana Casañal, postdoc in Lori Passmore’s group in the LMB’s Structural Studies Division, including Ana’s tips on overcoming research challenges and advice for junior researchers. More…


Rob Kay and Peggy Paschke have a new video on JoVE that presents their methods for transfection of Dictyostelium cells

Rob Kay and Peggy Paschke from the LMB’s Cell Biology Division have produced a video for JoVE that presents their methods for transfection of Dictyostelium discoideum. More…


Brilliance in the genes: inside Britain’s ‘Nobel Prize factory’

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A new film from the Financial Times featuring interviews with Jan Löwe, Madeline Lancaster, Richard Henderson, and Greg Jefferis, describing the importance of long-term thinking and collaboration in continued success. More…


Multiple LMB scientists and alumni feature in a list of the top ten neuroscience breakthroughs of 2018

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A list of the top ten neuroscience breakthroughs of 2018 includes work by the LMB’s Sjors Scheres and Michel Goedert on tau protein folds and by Greg Jefferis on imaging the fly brain, as well as alumnus Jonny Kohl for his work mapping neural circuitry associated with parenting. More…