Sjors Scheres

Sjors Scheres

Cryo-EM structure determination of amyloid filaments from neurodegenerative disease
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We are looking for an exceptional PhD candidate to join the Scheres group on a project that will be executed in close collaboration with the Goedert group (also at MRC-LMB). The project involves cryo-electron microscopy structure determination of amyloid filaments related to various neurodegenerative diseases. An illustrative example of what we aim to achieve is our recent cryo-EM work on the structures of tau paired-helical and straight filaments from the brain of an Alzheimer patient (Fitzpatrick et al, 2017). The project will involve a combination of brain tissue-derived, and in vitro assembled over-expressed material to analyse the multiple structural conformers that amyloid filaments can adopt in a range of neurodegenerative diseases. These filaments will be analysed using our world-leading cryo-electron microscopy infrastructure and software. Thereby, this project represents an excellent learning opportunity in both (amyloid) protein biochemistry and cryo-electron microscopy.


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Nature, 547, 185-190

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